Why Isn`t Pepper Spray Legal in the Uk

Yes, and more than 35,000 people signed a petition to the UK government and parliament last year calling for the legalisation of carrying non-lethal self-defence weapons such as pepper spray. In the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Poland and Russia, possession is legal for most civilians. Pepper spray must be allowed in the UK. It is the criminal problem that causes problems for whom it should be used. Why not Estban? This is obviously not considered a safe area, and it would be a warning to others. Prevent them from carrying pepper spray or other weapons if they know crime is endemic in that area. Believe it or not, in the UK, pepper/CS is considered a firearm and has the same legal penalties as carrying a gun! If you are caught with pepper spray or import it, you must be arrested and convicted afterwards. You could even be threatened with deportation from the UK. Yes, pepper spray and other self-defense items should be legal and available for the 5 pants who feel the need to own them as they feel the need to protect themselves, and pepper spray is a fairly harmless way to support your safety, as opposed to carrying a knife or similar weapons that could kill. I`d much rather dust off someone who offends me because I know I can walk or run away without becoming physical. Wouldn`t that be the ideal result of an attack, regardless of the weather or not, whether you are made or female? At present, its possession, carrying and use by ordinary citizens is prohibited under section 5 (1) (b) of the Firearms Act 1968. Pepper spray in the UK has the same legal penalties as carrying a gun.

However, our goal in writing this petition is to start the process to change that by making pepper spray legal for those 18 and older. The use of pepper spray is currently legal in Italy, America, Spain, Russia and other countries. There are other self-defense products that claim to be legal (such as non-toxic sprays), but until a test case is brought to court, we cannot confirm or approve their legality. If you buy one, you should know that if you are stopped by the police and have it in your possession, there is always the possibility that you will be arrested and detained until the product, its contents and legality can be verified. « Few » people who abused it were enough to attach handguns in Britain. Lethality aside, just about every argument against handguns applies to pepper spray. Handguns are illegal, why not pepper spray? Pepper spray is mainly used by police in very aggressive situations – it was originally designed to warn bears and mountain lions, so it is extremely powerful! The transport of items classified as offensive weapons is illegal. Meanwhile, carrying a knife in public for no good reason is also illegal — unless it`s a knife with a folding blade three inches in length or less, such as a Swiss Army knife. All of this, because when you see such high-profile cases/horrific stories of police officers on both sides kidnapping, raping and killing women, to female policewomen being attacked and murdered alone in rural areas like Kent, here in Britain recently with all the other cases that could have been prevented.

if they had had a legal NFT authorized and approved by the government, pepper spray for extreme measures in extreme situations. Although civilians in the UK are prohibited from having pepper spray, it is classified as a self-defence weapon in other countries such as Austria, Latvia and Slovakia. If they abuse the spray, it will be taken away and their licence will be suspended or revoked, as will a shotgun licence. In Switzerland, Germany and Portugal, pepper spray is subject to authorisation. However, the licensing process can be extremely strict in some countries. After Sarah Everard`s tragic death, conversations were sparked about what men can do to make women who walk alone at night feel safer. Some shared information about using the emergency SOS feature on iPhones, others called for a 10pm curfew for all men. Another group started a petition to legalize pepper spray in the UK, and it has collected more than 30,000 signatures. Pepper spray is classified as a Section 5 weapon by the British government and is often used by British police who use it against aggressive individuals. The draconian laws in Britain need to be changed, why not allow people to carry a licence, perhaps similar to a shotgun licence, where you take a course (one day) over 18 years of course, which allows you to wear non-lethal pepper spray for self-defence? If enough people are shouting loud enough, maybe we can be heard? It is this public reaction to such a troubling question that I am writing this petition. If the blame always lies with the victim, even if it is never their fault, I believe it is up to the government to protect women and men by giving them the tools to prevent their worst nightmares of being attacked from coming true. If a prevention tool like pepper spray were available, perhaps innocent people like Sarah Everard would not be missing.

The only way for women to feel safer when they return home is if they have pepper spray, it`s legal in countries around the world. Like Spain, Italy, France, Russia and others. In 2016, Danish police sparked anger by warning a teenage girl that she was being prosecuted for using pepper spray to prevent sexual assault near a center for asylum seekers. A local police spokesman said: « It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged with this. » She also faced a £50 fine. The case sparked outrage on social media. Some people offered to pay the girl`s fine for her. I wish I could carry at least pepper spray, but even better would be a SW.44 pistol and .32 pepper spray at the ankle causes immediate closure of the eyes, irritation of the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain and temporary blindness. The duration of its action depends on the concentration of the spray; The effect lasts about 30 minutes. Using pepper spray against an attacker can significantly increase the victim`s chances of getting to safety without causing serious harm. Since they are legal, you can use them when walking dogs, running, traveling and walking at night.

Pepper spray is called desmethyldiydrocapcaicin and is classified as a Section 5 weapon most often associated with police, who can use it to stop a particularly aggressive person.