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The firm was founded on the premise that every client and case should receive personal attention, compassion and exceptional legal care. Although the company has handled thousands of claims and cases against insurance companies over the years, it remains committed to providing world-class service with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. We understand that when someone has a legal matter, such as an injury from a car accident or unpaid medical bills, time is of the essence. Therefore, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every client and every case receives our immediate attention and legal service. Being involved in a legal case and hiring a lawyer is a stressful situation that most people have never committed to before. We understand your situation and give your case the necessary attention. Whitehead Law Group offers military members and families reduced success fees. Contact us to find out if you qualify. « Practice preventive law » to help you avoid classes.

WLF helps churches, nonprofits, and businesses stay out of court by « practicing preventive law. » As part of our unique WLF legal audit program, we review and update legal and regulatory documents and provide training on new policies to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. We are litigators and fight for our clients` rights in court or appellate courts. But we are also legal advisors and provide personal legal services in the areas of wills and trusts, real estate and employment law. Whitehead & Whitehead prides itself on its personalized legal services. They work directly with attorney Jonathan J. Whitehead or attorney Jerry Carr Whitehead at any given time. You can contact us for:Personal injury law services to help you get the compensation you deserve. Insurance services to help you dispute denied insurance claimsIn addition to insurance and personal injury law, Whitehead & Whitehead also has extensive experience in other practice areas. Visit the Other Practice Areas page to learn more about our additional services, including commercial litigation and construction law in Reno, NV. Facing a legal challenge of any kind is difficult enough in itself. Plus, you shouldn`t have to worry about working with an underqualified lawyer. If you hire Whitehead & Whitehead, you don`t have to.

Our trusted firm can guide you through a wide range of legal situations, from insurance issues to cases of illegal termination. You can count on Whitehead & Whitehead when it comes to sound legal advice. Call 775-823-7700 now to speak with a reputable insurance defense attorney in Reno, NV. You can arrange a consultation as you wish. Contact us. Contact our company to find out more. We offer free initial consultations and, where appropriate, attorneys` fee contracts on a contingency fee basis. WLF also represents clients in mediation, arbitration and other out-of-court or out-of-court dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including Peacemaker Ministries. Our lawyers know the law and provide you with the sound advice you need. Contact a Florida owner attorney from our firm today.

Whitehead & Whitehead is a family-owned business that supports the community of Reno, NV While no results are guaranteed, Whitehead & Whitehead has helped countless clients achieve favorable results in their cases. Whitehead Law Group handles wrongful homicide claims that can have significant value. Wrongful murder is a claim against a person or company that can be held liable for the death of others. Protect yourself with our experienced personal injury lawyers Whitehead Law Group represents victims in all areas of South Florida and handles thousands of claims against auto insurance companies. An advocate for your family, your business, your service. WLF`s specialty is to give each client the individual attention they deserve, regardless of size. By connecting with the best lawyers and experts in the country, WLF can provide each client with the best service available. Personal and principled service. Passion for justice. Whitehead & Whitehead has been serving its clients since 1998 Our goal in any slippage and case negotiation is to provide the client with as much money as possible. Florida`s slippage and case claims law is complex, so hiring a lawyer is essential. Bodily Injury – Wrongful Homicide WLF has experience in assisting individuals and families harmed by the negligent and misconduct of others and businesses.

Our areas of practice include personal injury and wrongful death from car and truck accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice, product liability, and consumer fraud claims. Contact Whitehead & Whitehead to find out what an experienced insurance attorney in Reno, NV can do for you. Intercession for religious freedom. Working with a network of First Amendment advocates across the country, we fight in lawsuits to defend constitutional rights to life and liberty, and in particular religious freedom for individuals and organizations. We do not stop simply because the adversary gives in or pays compensation to our client. Our firm strives to advance the law in the areas of religious freedom and to implement legislative changes or government policies that burden or restrict the first freedoms of our citizens. We also fight for these rights in national and state parliaments and other political decision-making bodies. Our firm supports and cooperates with public interest law firms such as Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF); and Liberty Counsel (LC), as well as many others.